TV with eARC to play dolby atmos on HW-N950 soundbar with no eARC


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I have an eARC Samsung TV. Neo QLED 8k. QA75QN800AKXS.
My soundbar is HW-N950 which has no eARC features.
Understand that for dolby atmos to passthrough using the eARC feature both must have eARC support.
But my question is, will I be able to use the TV eARC to pass through the dolby atmos bandwidth to the soundbar hdmi 1 or 2 instead of the arc hdmi.
Isnt this the same as connecting a speaker directly to a TV via hdmi instead?


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Dolby Atmos From what source ?

If its just from the TVs smart apps ( netflix , disney + etc.) then ARC is fine for that, you dont need eARC

Dolby Atmos comes in both lossy and lossless formats.
All streaming services use the lossy format and ARC works fine with this.

If you have other sources capable of the lossless version , like a blu ray player for example , then you would need eARC to pass this through from your TV to the soundbar , in which case this works well , Ive bought one myself and it works fine with an LG CX

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Dolby atmos from external hard disk. For e.g. I downloaded the dolby atmos demo files such as amaze (lossless)
If I plug this straight to the TV. I can't use the eARC to connect to the soundbar hdmi 1 or 2 port and play atmos content like a direct connection?
It does not work the same way as plugging pc hdmi direct to soundbar hdmi1?


But my question is, will I be able to use the TV eARC to pass through the dolby atmos bandwidth to the soundbar hdmi 1 or 2 instead of the arc hdmi.

ARC and eARC are audio return channels where audio is carried the opposite way to the normal audio and video in HDMI sockets and cables.

HDMI inputs are just that - normal audio and video into the device. If the socket isn’t connected as ARC or eARC the audio on the return channel has nowhere to go.

There are products that split the audio and video to send video to the TV and audio to the normal HDMI soundbar input

A bit pricey that one though…..,

Or do it another way by plugging the device into the TV and plugging this into the TV eARC

The eARC audio from the TV is put on the normal HDMI audio connections on that device’s HDMI output. Connect to soundbar normal input. This relies on the TV passing through all audio formats you want properly to eARC though.

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TV to Soundbar - the only HDMI ‘Output’ on the TV is the eARC socket, you can only connect that to an eARC or ARC enabled socket on the Soundbar.

If you connect the eARC socket on the TV to a standard HDMI Input on the Soundbar nothing happens as the devices cannot communicate without the eARC/ARC protocols.

Is your external drive network capable? If Yes you could add a Networked streamer, such as an ATV 4K, to the Soundbar via HDMI as a Source.

That assumes the Soundbar supports all of the video features your TV is capable of supporting?

As others have pointed out if the Soundbar lacks any video feature support you require you can add the external Streamer device plus a device to split the audio and video to the TV and Soundbar.



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I’ve had a similar issue as above trying to get a Samsung HW-Q600 Dolby Atmos soundbar to work with DA from my LG TV. After hours of trying different configurations I have discovered it works by changing the HDMI port to 4K HDMI DEEP COLOUR. Odd as the port is obviously being used for audio not picture, but something in this setting solved the problem.

Worth noting that you MUST be in the Home Dashboard otherwise the option is greyed out.


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