TV with a VGA port... interesting


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Been looking at this for a while, and each time i get enough free dosh together, i consider it...

click here

If this unit acts - in effect - as a monitor, then you should be able to output a progressive scan image (from any source, whether it be progressive scan dvd ntsc, gamecube, home cinema computer/box) to it, no?

I don't recall ever seeing a vga port on a TV before... (in this manner).

Does anyone know much about this unit? The resolution it's capable of in PC mode?

One idea was to lay a high quality vga cable (along with optical sound) from the server computer in the basement to this set in the main room. This way, i could control my computer from the main room, accessing everything from stored TV shows, pictures, etc etc etc.

Anybody seen reviews of this set?


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I've not had a look at the set above but my Loewe Aconda has a VGA card installed in it and YES, it can accept a Progressive Scan signal through it. VGA Cards can be fitted to all Loewe TV's. Resolution is 640x480 but others have said they have got it to sync at higher levels.


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Hey Paul! Man, i was reading your gamecube guide thingy the other day. Very cool. My Q arrived today :)

Does the Q supports the component cable? I presume it does, but since i had to buy a special RGB scart for the Q, i'm a little cautious.

I want to output the cube via component, (in order to get the progressive mode) into a component->pc converter box, then plug that into a VGA port, either on a monitor/plasma/projector, or perhaps even on this set. Thoughts?


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The Q supports the Component cable just fine. The RGB Scart is just as good though for hooking up to everyday Scart equipped TV's.

To get progressive scan output from the Q, you can do as you say and route the Component Cable in to a Component to VGA Converter and then on to a PC, VGA TV or otherwise. Projectors & Plasma's usually allow Progressive via standard Component inputs so you wouldn't have to worry about a VGA converter in this scenario.

If you do decide to go down the VGA route, you can simply buy from me (or make) a proper VGA Cable for the Q so you would not need to worry about a converter box.


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Excellent... VGA straight from the Q? I was told the vga cable didn't work on the Q, hence i didn't order it...

What do you sell? Where can i buy?

I was looking at a Cypress Tech CMC 1200T - a high definition tuner/vga box, which allows me to input the component, and then output to the vga. This would allow me to use the XBOX, etc. this way too...

However, if there is a bloody Q vga cable, dammit i'll use that... Does the vga cable only output the progressive signal? or can it be used for all games?


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The RGB Scart Cable works fine with the Q so I have no reason to believe the VGA Cable wouldn't work as well. Who told you it didn't work? I don't have a Q for testing purposes but the DV-Out on the Q is exactly the same as the DV-Out on the standard GC and VGA works perfect with that.

PM sent with more details :).

The Hi-Def VGA box you were looking at would certainly be the better option if you are considering hooking up other consoles etc. It will have a lot more flexibility and will probably allow non-progressive games to be played through VGA on displays that cannot sync to 15Khz.

The GC or Q VGA will only allow Progressive Scan games to be displayed on standard PC monitors because they will not sync at the interlaced 15Khz signal. However, some Projectors will sync at both rates and allow playback of all games via VGA, whether Progressive or not.


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Thanks for your offer :)

I've looked closer at the high def vga box, and i'm not so happy with the tuner one, as it has no component inputs... I've already got a RF-VGA box coming, so i'm not too bothered about that.

So, i'm looking at an actual High Definition converter, from Cypress Tech.

It converts "the Y-U-V output from your DVD player to a 31.5kHz high resolution PC image. 3 BNC in, 15-pin HD out"

I'm thinking that sounds cool, but it doesn't mention 'progressive scan high definition'.... so i'm confused again...

It should, though, enable a component cable to be plugged in, and irrelevant of whether the picture mode outputted by the game/dvd/whatever is interlaced or progressive, then convert it onto the PC screen... Correct?

These things are £200, so i don't want to screw this up. Help! :)

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