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Christmas has been so hard, my Grandmother is in a home, separated from my Grandfather for the first time in their lives. It would really uplift her to see us, even if it's on a screen. But I can't involve too much technology on her side.

I'm hoping for some sort of webcam that perhaps would plug into her TV and enable us to call it, so she can see us on her TV screen and hold a 2 way conversation without her having to do anything then when we end the call, it would revert to her TV picture.

Does such a device exist? I've read about Facebook Portal, but I'm not a Facebook fan, so am keen to hear about others?


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Can the home not facilitate Facetime/Skype via tablet?

They can, but they're very lazy/unreliable. The family bought her a tablet of her own, but she's never got it to hand and goes flat.

The Facebook Portal TV thing seems good, bar Facebooks awful privacy reputation and my suspicion that it won't allow the simple functionality we crave without trying to push for other services and ads which will just confuse her.


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Maybe see if you can schedule a regular time to do it? That's what we do to allow my sister in the States to communicate with our Mum. Might be more reliable if it's a documented activity that fits in with the home's & your schedules. Maybe also look into some kind of charging stand so it's always ready to go.

Other devices would be Amazon Echo Shows. Correctly setup there's a Drop In feature where you can call each other.


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I'm favouring a Google Chromecast and USB Webcam. I feel certain this will give access to a range of video calling apps, not least Googles own offering 'Meet'.

I just wish I knew how it would look for her to receive a call on it without me having to splash out first on the kit!

Thanks for your input though.


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something like this

Yes, I mentioned Facebook Portal in my original post at the top. Facebook has a terrible privacy reputation and I'm worried that she'll get bombarded with ads, friend requests and so on which will be confusing. I need simple.

I'm keen to know how Google Meet behaves on a TV. Anyone here have it?

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