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Hi folks, been looking at wall brackets for my 40" TV. Seems straight forward enough, I don't need tilt or motion so the basic thin profile ones seem much the same as each other. One thing that concerns me is that all seem to work just by the bracket on the TV hooking over the bracket on the wall, and what happens if a child fiddles/pushes/lifts it (or indeed an adult knocks it), bringing it crashing down causing injury and destruction. Are the any extra steps you guys take/would advise in negating the risk, or certain brands and models that attach in a more secure manner.

The other thing I have to ask about is nearly all the regular brackets are sold as 'ultra thin' and such like so the TV is close to the wall as possible. The power cable has a 90 degree corner and sticks out a couple of cm from the back, which may be ok. I then have hdmi cables in the back that take a fair bit more to curve downwards. I have one on the side but I'll still more likely than not need another one, or one of the other sockets on the back of the TV and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get around that with a low profile bracket.

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Your first point, most of them have locking bolts/screws which prevent upward movement once the bracket screwed to the Tv is lowered onto the wall mount.
Your second may want to reconsider a tilt/swing type mount.

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