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    For a number of years have had a distibution system as follows:

    roof aerial-->analogue sat-->Panasonic video-->6 way amp-->tv points around the house, i.e. to watch video/sat from any TV.

    On one of the TV points I had a second video (Ferguson) and TV. When first set up I had to adjust the output channel of the Panasonic so the videos were on different channels, but then all worked fine.

    Now Santa has just delivered a brand new Panasonic video to replace the ageing Ferguson. Put new one as the main video and replaced the Ferguson by the old Panasonic. BUT despite adjusting channels I cannot get any output from it!

    I can locate the video channel ok via the test signal and whilst doing this get the sound ok, but when I switch the test signal off the screen goes blank and there's no sound. I get the normal TV channels ok (fed via the video of course), but the output channels for both videos show nothing.

    i.e. I can see the output from the new main video on any TV except the one fed by the second video. On this TV I cannot see the output from either video as they appear to be interferring with each other despite the fact they are on completely different channels.

    If I replace the old Pan by the Ferg, it works ok as before.

    Any ideas? Do Panasonic have some inbuilt facility to stop you linking 2 of their videos together like this? (The 2 TVs fed by the videos are also Panasonic.)


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