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Phil Harmonic

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Hi, I'm pretty new to AV as a whole having survived with my Sky Digibox/DVD-VCR/TV set up for a long time. I recently bought a BENQ PB6200 projector which I've connected up to the VGA (D-sub 15) output from my PC and enjoy watching DVD movies. I would now like to watch TV sports programs via the projector but I don't seem to have a suitable output signal/connector to enable this. What is the best setup to do this and what kit would I need. I don't mind spending in order to achieve this.

As far as I can tell your best bet is using S-Video for picture transmission from the Sky box to the projector. I dont think many Sky boxes have this output so you will need a Scart-->Svideo connector aswell. Then just put this cable into the projector and you are good to go.

I dont know how much you are willing to spend, but a good bet (given Sky isnt very high quality anyway...) is who do some very good cables for a very fair price with quick delivery. I hope this helps.


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I think you will find an s-video feed pretty disappointing, I used s-video when itv digital started up, both direct to the projector and via the s-video input to a radeon all in wonder card.

Gave it all up once I could get a digital PC card instead, the quality difference is dramatic on a FP screen.

I use a freeview card in the PC, but I don't know about an equivalent SKY PC card.

The other option which should be lots better than s-video is use scart RGB or component out from the sky box either straight to the projector or into the PC using a good capture card like a Sweetspot

Phil Harmonic

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Explicit.... I'm afraid I have to agree with Pootle about the quality of S-video; I tried using the S-video output feed from my PC and the resultant image when projected was disappointing.

Pootle - your suggestion about using a component feed from the digibox is not feasible as the box does not have this. Alternately, I went to my local Maplin and asked about a SCART to D-sub 15 for RGB and they showed me a lead costing £60. This included a conversion? gizmo because the signals/connectors are not compatible. I have to take their word for this as I don't know myself. The £60 is not the showstopper here however it's the length of the cable which is only 1.5 metres. Somewhere nearer 3 metres would be acceptable for my purposes. They don't stock them that long.

Ideally, I'd like to take a signal straight out of the digibox to the projector and have as few intermediate boxes as possible but now I'm considering a replacement DVD/VCR combi ;one with component and /or RGB output and feed this into the projector. I think that matching the source signal to the projector's input capability is the solution. Any suggestions which one?


Does your projector have a RGB input?

If so, you can hook it up direct from RGB Scart on digibox to RGB component on projector....or am I missing something here...

Phil Harmonic

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Hi jaff...... Thanks for joining in. The projector has the following inputs - 15 Pin D-Sub VGA • 4 Pin - Mini DIN (S-Video) • Composite Video . reviews the projector and makes the following comment "There is one 15-pin VGA port through which all component and HDTV signals must be fed, one S-video port, and one composite video jack." I assume from this that component video input is possible thru the d sub connection with an adapter cable. At present I do not have a component video source however. When connected to the VGA output from my PC via a double ended d sub 15 cable , the projector reports receiving an RGB signal. Are these the same?


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The spec says it takes RGB, sounds like the D-sub connector has more going on than just a VGA connector. Suggest you contact your dealer or benq support, cos there may be a special cable that will get from scart RGB to their standard.

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