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Nov 14, 2003
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OK OK, this problem is not strictly with my 42WH36, but it's at the centre of my setup, and by god it's driving me crazy.

firstly let me describe my set-up that is causing all the fault:

42WH36 [oh yeah!]
SONY VTX-D800U freeview box (fv)
LG LV-720 vcr
we'll ignore the dvd as it's unnecessary

ok here goes.

all the above are interconnected via scart: tv-vcr, tv-fv, vcr-fv

the tv is connected to the vcr's AV1

the fv is connected to the vcr's AV2

now, when i am watching tv and switch the video on, it automatically switched to the vcr channel which is on AV3 on the tv setting. this is to be expected, when using scart the focus always goes to whatever has just been switched on.

however, this is where the problem starts:

when viewing the vcr channel (AV3) and then trying to watch fv on AV2 on the vcr the picture never stays! this is really hard to describe...

sometimes on that AV2 channel on the vcr, it shows the fv signal, other times its as if the fv box is off and just shows something else. its a right royal screwup-pain-in-the-arse to have to start switching the fv box on and off to fix it!

now i'm not sure whether this is a fault with the vcr [lets face it, its an LG). but it has plenty of features and is a bargain price in argos. in the catalogue its advertised as being one scart, and cheap as chips. but in fact its got 6 heads, 2 scarts, etc etc you know what i mean, really good video. i thought i had a real bargain.

that is, all apart from this bloody problem!

i even had it licked at one stage.

i had the vcr connected to the tv via one scart and then used the menu so that the external picture on AV3 would always be the fv signal. but, get this, it only happens whilst the tv is on! what if i want to record fv while the tv is off? can't do it! i can't believe i have finally found a fault with the great 42WH36 - i'm almost in tears.

am i doing something wrong?

all i want is to be able to view the fv channel on the vcr AV2 all the time! not have to start pressing buttons! i'm convinced its the vcr at fault. i had the exact same setup using an aiwa video and it worked just fine.

i had a look at the LG ( website, and they are marketing the LV-720 like its going out of fashion (hmmm) but on the after-sales website ( there is no sign of the model at all! anywhere!

so guys what do you think?

does anyone have any ideas as to what to plug where in my setup


should i go back to argos and have the vcr replaced


take the vcr back get my money back and another model. if it comes to this then i'll probably go for the almost equivalent aiwa model from comet, only it doesn't support 16:9 AAARRGGGHHH!
What do you need a vcr for?

Get a Twin or a Tivo
not really an option at the moment as i need the portability of tapes...
i think it's the bloody sony's fault:

and i quote in the small print from the manual:

"receiver/vcr connection

when the vcr is turned on or is in playback (dependent on the vcr) the receiver will automatically switch the signals through to the tv. this will also be done when the receiver is in the standby mode. nb. to return to a programme fro the receiver, press the DTT button on the remote control to switch off the receiver, then press the DTT button once more to resume normal operation."

ho hum. i think this has been causing the problems all along (i think)
With the sony fv you only need scart from fv to tv and scart from fv to vcr. why are you using two scarts on the fv?
"With the sony fv you only need scart from fv to tv and scart from fv to vcr. why are you using two scarts on the fv?"

doesn't that make two scart sockets being used on the freeview box? i'm sorry i don't understand...
Sorry I meant on the vcr.You say you have the tv-vcr tv-fv vcr-fv thats 3 scarts. you only need scarts two tv-fv and vcr-fv vcr will record or playback via the fv box. This may help with the switching trouble
i tried that, with the tv using the vcr's rf signal rather than through the scart cable.

the problem exists on the vcr's AV2 channel, where if the vcr is switched on while the fv is on, then the picture on the vcr's AV2 channel is not the fv signal (which it should be) instead it is the last RF channel viewed on the vcr. I then have to switch off the fv and switch it back on again to be able to view the fv channel on AV2.

i can live with this (well, just about!) but it causes problems when putting the video on timer, or when recording the AV2/fv and i just can't be sure about what picture it is actually recording.


AAAAAARGGGHHHH any suggestions are welcome and much appreciated
Afraid you have lost me' My set up is this. fv scart to tv av1 /fv scart to vcr . with this I can record fv or playback vcr. Also can use smartlink where the fv timer will switch vcr on/off .RF doesn't come into the equation. the fv will also set the vcr to the appropriate AV
jaymac, i'll try and describe it a bit clearer:

here's the setup:

scart from tv to fv (using AV1 socket on the TV, and the 'TV' socket on the fv)

scart from tv to vcr (this one is attached to one of the two scart sockets on the vcr, labelled as AV1 on the vcr. on the TV side this uses the AV3 socket)

scart from fv to vcr (this one is attached to the other scart socket on the vcr, labelled as AV2 on the vcr. and uses the socket labelled 'video' on the fv box)

when i want to record fv, i have to make sure the vcr is on AV2, as that's the channel that it receives the fv signal on.

ok here's the fun bit: lets say that i want to record something on fv.

the fv box is on already, the vcr is in standby.

so, i switch the vcr on. the causes the tv to switch automatically to the vcr channel (AV3 on the tv).

however, i want to record fv, so i then change the channel on the vcr to AV2 to get ready to record....

at this point the signal that is displayed is not the fv signal! it is one of the terrestrial broadcast signals BBC1, ITV, ie. RF.

if i switch the tv over to the fv channel (which is AV1 on the tv), i get the same exact signal displayed again, same channel as before, BBC1, ITV, whatever. the fv signal has disappeared, but the fv box is definitely on!

in order to get the fv signal, i have to power off and then on the fv box. this is as per the instructions that were buried in the fv manual.

at this point, everything sets to normal ie. the signal now is displayed on AV2 on the video, and on AV1 on the tv. hey presto!

i have no idea why this happens, but it's driving me crazy. i think the only difference between my setup and yours is that my vcr is connected to tv via scart? and yours just uses the RF signal?

i can't see why my setup does not work, as it's the same setup described in a billion manuals for tvs, vcrs and fv boxes (or atleast the ones with at least two scart sockets)
Thanks pinipatel I'll have to study this abit and get back to you. But neither of my vcr's switch the tv to av when switched on unless using instant play..Still can't see why you are connecting the vcr to the tv
NO My vcr's are both connected by scart, I can create a similar problem to yours with my second vcr ie. starting a tape wil lo/ride the fv signal and when I stop the tape tv stays on terrestial. Rectified by using the tv/dtt button on the fv remote not the power on/off button. On my fx68 av3 is the smartlink socket ,on my first vcr av1 is the smartlink socket. Could you try again by taking that vcr to tv scart out. putting the fv scart into av1 on the vcr You should then be able to instant record from the fv remote! This should put the vcr on av1. Unless your vcr hasn't smartlink or its eqivalent?

no, my vcr doesn't have smartlink at all or anything similar at all. a byproduct of being so cheap i suppose!

i tried as you suggested the tv/dtt button, and it just went to a blank screen...pressed it again and the fv signal came back on/ weird! do you know, i've never noticed that button before, i must play around with it some more... i wonder if this is the button referred to in the manual section a copied out here a few messages earlier? though the on/off button is also marked as DTT...

well, whichever button i press, i still have to press one of them!

i'd just like to say thanks jaymac, i think i'm going to let this on rest now as it's all getting way too bothersome. i'm just going to have to live with it for now, but thanks for the effort you've put into this, i hope to return the favour some day!


Glad something works .sad about the lack of smartlink but it should still work set up as I said but manual record and the playback. I did make an effort to e-mail you as I have a problem typing fast enough withot being disconnected.
Good luck

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