TV upgrade 55" around £1000ish recommendations


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I currently have a 50" Panny CX680 which i've had for about 5 years. I think it was one of the first 4k tv's Panasonic produced but doesn't have HDR.

Im looking for a TV for PS5 gaming and blurays primarily.

Will hold off to see what deals are around on Black Friday but at the moment i've been looking at the following:

55" LG C1 OLED

55" Samsung QN85 Neo QLED

55" Phillips OLED 806



Two OLEDs and one LCD TV, but which is more suited to your viewing conditions, and which picture quality traits do you prefer?

I'd take that decision first. Also beware that really you want to be comparing the Samsung QN9xA models rather than the QN85 which is a bit of a risk at this size since it could be using an IPS type panel.


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Viewing distance is around 10 foot in a fairly light room however im taking measures to dull this down. I am concerned about how much reflection you get with an OLED but most viewing will be in the evening with no light source affecting the picture.


I am also hesitating between the Philips 806 and LG C1 though not the samsung one as i prefer OLED.

For the gaming part i found out the C1 has a lower input lag so I suppose in your case that may be important.

I am not a gamer myself but want to stream blurays with dolby vision and dolby atmos (have a sonos arc) and for that part there seem to be a lot of issues with the 806 with the sound cutting out if you use the 2.1 earc port so not possible to get full atmos at the moment (and i'm not sure if it will also pose problems if you use a ps5), and also i read about a dolby vision issue and there is no prospect at the moment wether this well be resolved or not with firmware updates.

But the 806 has ambilight... so if that is important for you...

I myself am hoping they will do a firmware update that will resolve those issues before black friday, if that's not the case I think the C1 will be the safer choice it seems more future proof. Also 4 x hdmi 2.1 insteaf of 1.

Keep me posted, i'm interested in what you will decide :)


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Have just measured the viewing distance and its a lot less than i thought. Its just over 7ft so a 55" i think is big enough (at least the Mrs says it is) :)

Im also going to get a soundbar so would have the issue with the Phillips set.

Ambilight is probably the only reason for shortlisting the Phillips, that and the £400 off at Currys at the moment otherwise it would be too much of a stretch.

I think, like you the C1 is ahead at the moment. My only concern is the user menu's, TV guide etc. I recently stayed in a hotel where they had cheap LG's and hated the interface. Was slow and difficult to navigate. Even finding the TV guide was a chore. Maybe it was just me i dont know. It wasnt an old tv as it had HDR.


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@Dodgexander Do you think the Panny 55JZ1000 is worth an audition? The wife is used to the EPG on that so could do without the earache if its not just me regarding the LG.


All the OLED models are remarkably similar, so any differences in picture quality are pretty small. Therefore it doesn't make a huge difference if you prefer one brand to the next. There's not much use auditioning a TV though. Unless you're able to take the TV home and live with it for a couple of weeks.


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I was in a similar situation recently:

Nearly pulled the trigger on the Philips 706 from AO but was put off by a small warranty and the general lack of support for bug fixing by Philips (judging by the owners forum).

I think you have to go for the QN94/95 to guarentee a VA panel in the EU from my understanding. These can be had for under £1k if you have access to the Samsung employee or student portal (see HUKD threads).

In the end I went for a LG B1 for £1k after having Curry’s price match AO for the 5 yr warranty. I imagine these will drop to the £850-£900 come BF and you should be able get a C1 within budget. Cracking panel! So glad i went for a decent TV after mulling over budget options (mainly thanks to @Dodgexander !). Well worth it.

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