TV unit mod to fit XTZ 12.7 sub


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Thought I would show my latest handy work.

This is the original TV unit...


I began by modelling the TV unit and sub in a 3D CAD tool, so that I could work out the shapes and dimensions etc. The two drawers on the left were removed to fit the sub behind a speaker grill frame...


Finished result...



Original speaker grill (black)...

The sub is isolated from the TV stand, it sits on a raised platform using the rubber feet that were fitted to the sub (I could not find square chrome feet anywhere that were the correct height)...



The frame is on concealed hinges to give access to the front of the sub (to access the foam inserts in the ports)...


Chamfer on top of the frame to match the chamfer on the top of the drawers...


I was going to get the frame manufactured but they quoted £150 and didn't seem interested in the job so I decided to try it myself.

The frame was made using MDF and a palm router, which I then covered with gloss white vinyl wrap (normally used for cars).


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Peter Parker

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Nice job :)

I did something a bit similar with an old sideboard - I cut the legs down, and replaced the side cupboards (where you have drawers) with simple frames covered with speaker grill cloth and put my left and right speakers behind along with the other AV kit (DIY speakers with crossovers built while they were in situ). It worked well for me too. I didn't have to worry too much about isolating the speakers from the cabinet as I just stood them on some foam.

The other good thing about the speaker grill cloth is that it kinda looks and works like a smoked glass door, and remotes for the AV amp and other kit I had behind still worked OK and you can see the LEDs etc on the kit, so can see what the volume is set at and what kit is on and what is off.

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