TV tuners for Plasma screens, Teletext Page Memory



First off: - A BIG HELLO!! To all at AV Forums. I have just become a member of this terrific forums site that was recommended to me by another Member.

I am seriously considering buying a plasma screen instead of a conventional CRT TV but I have a few questions that I can't seem to get any answers to at the dealers I have visited.

My current Phillips 4:3 set has the ability to allow the user to flick between pages that are available when a page number is selected, rather than having to wait for the TV to scroll through the pages available. i.e. If I were to look at Teletext page 120, I would find that there are 2 pages available (Now & Next) which I can flick between as and when I wish without having to wait for it to change after a short space of time. (Usually about the time I am just starting the last line of a page. Most annoying)

The thing is that I don't know if there are any set TV tuners out there with this Teletext page memory thingy that I am looking for and if I can't get a tuner with this feature than I would rather just get a normal Widescreen CRT set.

If anyone can help me with this one I would be most grateful.

Thanks & Best Regards

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