TV Tuner, Will Sky+ Do The Job??



Hi People

This is my first post so go easy.

Just about to buy a new 42" Plasma but need help on the following.

The model I quite like is the Panasonic TH42PW6B but I am worried about it not having a tuner, speakers or suitable sockets so....

Can I use Sky plus as the tuner as another £400 for a tuner otherwise would make me look for a screen with a tuner included?

Will also buy a home cinema package (TEAC 700 or 800) so can that take care of the speakers when not watching DVD's?

Any help or comments on the proposed set up would be greatly appreciated


yes sky + will be fine.
better picture quality without the tuner box anyway

try they doing the panny 6 with a scart imput thrown in and a scart switch box for any other kit you need to connect it.

should get you up and running.

as for the audio you can either buy the panny speaker( not best idea) or invest in a amp and speaker package.

ps . just notice you have decided on a amp and speaker package.

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