TV Tuner Co-axial Cable Alternatives


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Have a bit of a dilemma with trying to relocate my Sony OLED A1 TV in my sitting room. AV equipment is located in a different room, and all cables inc tv tuner coaxial are routed under the floor. In the new location (opposite side of the room) I do have a ‘multi-media’ break-out plate which inc HDMI, network and mains power. What I don’t have is a co-axial socket for the built-in tv tuner which I use, and no way of easily routing one without major work.

What I do have on the break-out plate is 3 phono / RAC sockets, which are routed through to my AV equipment cupboard. Would it work if I used one of these phono cables / sockets to ‘transmit’ the antenna signal?

Many thanks.

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In short maybe. Both are 75 Ohm cables. I think that the RG 6 / 59 will be a little better shielded than the RCA but in theory it could work. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

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