TV Tuner card - advice needed on buying one!

Hi all,

I am looking to buy a TV card for a HTPC build.
It will be going into a low profile case so the smaller the better.
I plan to feed the card the signal from a Sky dish - two cables are available as it used to be for sky plus - do TV cards take advantage of this (two feeds for two tuners)?
Also, i really want to be able to view HD TV content, which would be the main purpose of this card really and viewing in Vista media centre and using the microsoft remote ideally...can anyone recommend something that fits the above?

Thanks in advance guys :thumbsup:

Stephen Neal

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Most satellite cards are single tuner PCI cards, so you would need two of them for dual-tuner.

Blackgold do a 6-in-1 device (2xDVB-S, 2xDVB-T, 2xAnalogue) which uses a PCI-e bus. (It is DVB-S not DVB-S2 though - so may not be future-proof for HD stuff, though all current Freesat HD stuff is DVB-S)

HOWEVER - most (if not all) satellite cards are full-height, not low profile.

If you are dead set on a low-profile case then an external USB or Firewire satellite receiver may be the only option. The FireDTVS2 external firewire device is good (and DVB-S2) - and they also do internal FloppyDTVS2 firewire models that will fit into a spare 3.5" drive bay. I've been very happy with my external model - and it accepts a conditional access module so can receive pay-TV (including Sky HD with the right subscription) They aren't cheap though.

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