TV tries to arc-monopolize my AVR


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I have a Yamaha RXV-483 receiver to which I recently connected an Oled A1 LG, fiddling with optical and ARC.

While I like the volume control and on/off via ARC, I can't seem to be 'left alone' when trying to listen to other sources from my AVR.

Every time I try to turn on my AVR on Internet radio or Spotify(dedicated remote scene buttons), the TV turns on and sets my scene back to HDMI/TV.
So if I want to listen to radio, I have to re-select the scene on the AVR and turn off the TV. Sometimes it turns my AVR back off.

I'm probably missing something in ARC settings, otherwise I think I'll just drop it completely and use a standard optical output from the tv.

Any thoughts?


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LG program their CEC/ARC controls to auto activate the TV (ARC) mode on the AVR.

When you switch to the HDMI input of the AVR it will also try to activate a home screen of the AVR but otherwise it should leave manual mode/input selection on the AVR alone and not switch back to TV (ARC).

When you use the radio/spotifiy buttons on the remote this is triggering the above CEC/ARC commands and its getting caught in that process.

Try this instead
1) Turn on TV (which should auto turn on sound system)
2) Switch to HDMI2 (ARC) on TV
3) If it brings up on screen display of AVR select internet radio or spotify from this menu.
4) If AVR does not have a on screen display, try pressing the buttons on remote for radio now.

If you turn off the TV it will then turn off AVR as well, you might be able to toggle power on/off commands via LG simplink menu on TV settings.

LG also have a remote button combo that turns off the TV's display but leaves TV on, unfortunately I've forgotten it, maybe you can find it on the internet somewhere.


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LG program their CEC/ARC controls to auto activate the TV (ARC) mode on the AVR ...

Fortunately it seems to let me use the AVR after switching the TV back off, but it's nagging me that I have to do that every time.

Also having two remotes in my lap while watching a movie is a little offputting if I go the optical route, so I'll have to give it more thought


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Lindy make an HDMI CEC blocker that might be worth checking out. If used between your TV and AVR then you would have to manually select your source. Not ideal though.

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