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Tv transmitter / av receiver


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Can anybody recommend a wireless tv receiver/sender for transmitting picture/sound from one tv to another tv in the house with out any cables to run etc.

I have a NTL Satellite box (Now on Virgin) and hoping to have a transmitter to be able to work the remote on the 2nd telly. Is it correct that they use a weird infra red signal which is only for the NTL boxes?

Can anybody recommend a good receiver/transmitter!! And would be great if the remote works with the NTL boxes.

Thank you for any help given.



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From: Cable TV in the UK explored by FrequencyCast

"I have a Philex AV sender for my V+ box and get a great picture on second tv but cant get remote to work".

DigiSender AV senderIt seems that cheaper AV senders will NOT relay Virgin Media's remote control signals, as Virgin are using complex IRDA signals that some senders don't support - For example, this one listed at Maplin: Wireless Video/TV Link states that it doesn't work with cable TV remotes. However this one at Maplin: DigiSender X4 states that it is 100% compatible with cable boxes.

Also, note that there's an issue with AV senders and HDMI sockets - See the note about AV senders not working when you're using HDMI on a V+ box.

We've also heard of problems with AV senders connected to the AV2 Video SCART - with menus not appearing, so the AV1 SCART socket may need to be used.


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Is it correct that they use a weird infra red signal which is only for the NTL boxes?
Hi Phil. If you have a Pace 1000/1010/2000 or Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4000/4200, then you require the DigiSender DG400 X4 that Fernandez mentioned - as these indeed use IrDA, rather than normal IR. Any other model & you can use any AV sender you want. I'd recommend a 5.8GHz one, as they're less likely to interfere with other kit around your house :)

P.S. This should really be in the Virgin Media or Cables, Interconnects & Connections forum :smashin:


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hi guys, i am having a similar problem.

I have V+, and have bough an omnilink thing, i cannot for the life of me work it out.

is there an idiots guide somewhere?

i really am stumped, has anyone done thos before?

please help

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