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Can someone help me i have a (32inch TCL (720p) smart tv model: 325301) that ive connected to my pc via (hdmi) im trying to use it as a extra monitor.. im running windows 10 home...the thing is the letters look blurry n fuzzy..ive tried everything in the display settings from calibrating to changing the resolution...and i can get it to look clear...can anyone help me...any advice would be appreciated...


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So you've got the computer's output resolution to to 1366x768 and scaling set to 100%?

How far away are you viewing this from? Are we talking about fuzziness visible two meters away or half a meter?

Is it just letters that look fuzzy or do other things so so as well?


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Im like a 1 1/2 feet away from the monitor and yes the scaling is set to 100% and 1366×768 is my resolution...everything looks you think the hdmi cord im using has anything to do with it? I just used a old hdmi cord that i had laying around.


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Text is intentionally blurred these days to make it look more rounded (font smoothing) which will be more obvious than usual at that size and distance.

Other elements should be sharp edged though.

Have you checked the settings on the TV? If that's scaling the picture for any reason (zoom, overscan etc.) then that would cause blur.


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When it comes to using TVs as monitor there are certain things you have to do to get the optimal text clarity.

1. Like EndlessWaves mentioned, use the native resolution of 1366x768 for your display.

2. TVs generally have a subpixel layout of BGR as opposed to RGB which can affect text rendering. Windows by default expects a RGB subpixel layout and renders text with that in mind. To change this, type "cleartype" into the windows search, select "Adjust ClearType text", make sure "Turn on ClearType" is checked, "next" and select the box on the right which is BGR - left is for RGB subpixel layout. The following screens will show you a selection of boxes and is your preference to select which ever one improves clarity. Linkage

3. Some TVs can detect PC sources and will use 444 colour otherwise it will use 422 colour with chroma subsampling which does affect text rendering. If the TV defaults to 422 colour then you may have to tell it to use 444 colour. Easiest way is to find a setting in the menu, but TVs will apply 444 if you label the input as PC (Samsung) or Game. For TCL you will have to label the input as "computer" to apply 444 colour. Linkage

Hope it helps


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Set the TV to Game mode & turn off any unnecessary features.

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