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Hi. I’m hoping someone here can help. I have 2 HDMI cables running behind my wall to my tv. One is for my PS5 and one is for my Sky box. Unfortunately the one to the PS5 is broken. In moving the tv cabinet I accidentally broke the head. Resolving the head looks beyond my expertise. It’s also not possible to change the cable. The wall is wallpapered etc.

move therefore tried to look for other solutions. Is there a way that the one good hdmi can feed both my ps5 and my sky box? Would if be possible to feed the good hdmi cable into a switcher and then run 2 more hdmis to my ps5 and my sky box? I think I would also need a coupling to allow the good hdmi to attach to the switcher as they both have male heads.

everywhere I read about switchers it talks about them going directly in the tv. I guess what I’m proposing is there is a HDMI between the switcher and the TV port.

min theory would this work? If not does anyone else have any solutions?

Many thanks


Joe Fernand

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An HDMI Switch will be ideal to switch multiple source devices into a single input on the TV - your cable will be fine as the Switch will have HDMI sockets for Inputs and Outputs.

Ensure the Switch covers all Features and Formats you require and something which is CEC enabled may be handy if you want to ‘switch’ Sources using the TV remote.

You don’t don’t mention if you have a Soundbar or AVR in the system?


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