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TV to DVD to DVDR connections

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Chris Bevan, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Chris Bevan

    Chris Bevan

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    Have a Panasonic TX28DT4 TV (2 SCARTS), Sony DAVS800 DVD player (2 Y/W/R video out and a video in) and a Philips DVDR80 with 2 SCARTS (in and out).

    I want to be able to record digital TV onto DVDR for which I need to use the second SCART on the DVDR (the first already being used to output to the TV).

    I want to be able to record from DVD to DVDR (eg for backing up home videos etc)

    I bought a SCART extension kit which is basically one SCART to five and used this in the TV but when I connect DVDR up I end up getting 2 pictures on the TV.

    I have seen references to SCART switchers - is this what I need?

    I do have S Video but it's on the front of the TV so don't really want to use this as the permanent connection.

    Any advice gratefully accepted!!!


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