TV to 606 or 606 to TV?


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I recently purchased an Onkyo 606 and a Mitsubishi 73835 TV. The tv instructions indicate that the only connection to the receiver should be the digital audio out from the tv. I had hooked up all my devices through the 606 with my last tv since it only had 1 HDMI input. With all the input options on the 73835 I could hook everything up through it.

Is there any advantage to either option?


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every thing (dvd sky blu-ray) go in to your 606 and the hdmi out to your tv or you will not get the correct sound or control
if your using your tv's built in freeview tuner you can connect the tv's audio out in to your 606 for surround sound when you watch built in channels but if your using sky there is no point
hope this helps

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