TV that beats the panasonic pd30!



Hi everyone! Very new to this froum, and even newer to the language.

I have been looking at the panasonic pd30 for some times know and think it a good tv. But when I read the styicky threat about it I lost my intrest in this tv. I want a "perfect" tv for the same money.

Can someone please recomend my a tv in the same priceclass as the pd30?

It should be a 32" widescreen...

Please help me out!

/ Johan


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You wont get a perfect 32 inch CRT, there will always be something better. Phillips range of New Pixel plus give the PD30 a good run for the money but they are more expensive. Personally why don't you go a screen a load of 32 inch TV's? As for the Panasonic sticky, I would be to worried, it is when setup a wonderful TV that produces some stunning pictures. I have had no regrets at all with the PD30


Thank you for the reply!!

is the pd30 i price worthy tv? I can nothing about this subject. :(


I suggest you go to somewhere like John Lewis and see the range that they have It's pretty enormous! For me the PD30 was the sharpest /pleasing picture out of the lot.

I am entirely delighted with mine and have had it about 2 months now.


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Is the PD30 worth the money?

Well when you consider how many people are spending lots of money on Plasma's and LCD TV who picture quality will not stand up to the PD30 yes is worth every penny. Its picture when set up correctly is better than nearly all other Widescreens. As I said the Phillips PP also look good as does the Toshiba. However when Iscreen tested all these TV's the Pani was the best in my opinion. As I said find a shop that lets you compare the TV's your interested in.


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I'm one of those people who have returned a couple of PD30s, partly because I'm extremely picky over what I consider to be faults with the TV. However, the picture quality is absolutely amazing, so I am more than prepared to try out a third (and if necessary, a fourth) TV in order to get one I'm happy with!!

Considering the hassle of returning a TV, I think this is a good indication of what an outstanding TV it is! Although I've been unlucky, I really can't recommend the PD30 more highly - it's a cracking TV!!

As the other guys suggest, the best thing you can do is go and audition several sets at your local suppliers - take your own equipment (DVD player, etc..) aswell if at all possible.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do! :hiya:


did you consider the Thomson 32WB642S?

I've read a few reviews and it looks a great TV with no major defects.

What do you think?



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See the Thomson 32WB643 and the JVC 32P37. They both have great picture, components, and they cost less than 1000.

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