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hi ihave set up with freesat were thats whats on main tv and then a wireless video sender sending that to t v inroom worked fine for couple of months then it started flickin and making lots of noise and then somtimes stopped the the other week it started to do thatto but now there is no picture just sound. i thought that the sat dishmight have been blown a bit but wen i disconected cablesfrom main tv and just set t hat up with the freesat it works perfectly fine so theres nothing wrong with the dish right? and then wen u add all the cables upagain with senderitgoes back to lines across the what do uu think is wrong? my dad says the sender but i thought that would only affect the tv in my room cause its sending what it sees to the other one. so im really confused and fed up PLeASe HELP!!


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Your post is incredibly difficult to read and understand. But I think the gist of the message is that the satellite signal being distributed from the main TV to your bedroom TV has been showing interference and now has no audio. Correct? Is the picture and sound on the main TV fine, whether the connection to your TV is in place or not? If so, the Freesat connection to the TV is fine, and it is the connection between the main TV and your TV which is the problem.

Wireless video senders can be affected by lots of things - wireless phones, microwave ovens, distance, the thickness and materials of walls, ceilings, floors etc. Try moving your bedroom TV and the wireless sender to the room next door to where the main TV lives and see whether the signal is fine in those circumstances. If so, it is the distance between your bedroom and the living room that is causing the problem. If the signal is still bad, replace the wireless sender and the wireless receiver with a very long scart cable between the two TVs - and see whether that gives a good signal. If it does, it is other equipment in the vicinity which is interfering with your wireless sender/receiver. Could be one of many things - including the possibility of your next door neighbour having bought something like a wireless router or phone between when you bought yours and now. See whether you can tune the AV sender/receiver to a different frequency - or consider returning it and purchasing a better model.


Hi amewat and welcome to AVF.
When you post again please do so much more clearly.
Broadz has generously worked out what the nature of the problem is and has given a full solution.
Try out his suggestions and let us know the result.

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