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i moved house a while ago and didnt have the time or the motivation to properly set up my 5.1 speaker system and would like some opinions on what to do regarding the front speakers.

i have attached a picture to show the setup as it is now and also the space limitations.

the basics are that aside from separation issues i dont really like having the speakers so close to the tv as i feel they sort of dominate and draw focus away from whats one the screen. There is very little room down either side and whilst the sub may end up being moved elsewhere, even if the TV unit was moved over i am worried about standard speaker stands either side as i dont want to knock the left one over everytime i use the door next to it. in an ideal world i would like to have some sort of shorter height speaker stands to bring the speakers down more level with the top of the tv stand, perhaps on some short speaker stands and maybe angled up towards ear height. there is around 2.5 to 3m between seating position and the tv currently.

any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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That TV location is about as bad as you can get to use with surround sound speakers.
However all is not lost but to really hide the fronts I think you will need to change the front speakers to white. Forget bout speaker stands as there is simply not enough space.
So, here is what I would do.
1. Drastic and wife would probably have a fit! - purchase some small white speakers and remove both of the cabinet drawers and put them in the space (lengthways with tweeters on inside) where the draws were. Something like the Q acoustics 3010i in white. Check size and depth if mounting in the TV cab. Q Acoustics Q3010i (White)

2. Purchase something like the Monitor Audio MAS1 surround speakers in white (they sell them separately for about £80 each) and mount them on the wall above the TV either side. Of course they may not sound as good with music but will be fine for surround duties as you already have a subwoofer. They are quite small at about 5 inches.
3. Move the TV.
I don't really see what else you can do (cheaply) to hide your current black speakers.


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thanks for the suggestions i will have a look into the idea of mounting speakers where the draws are and i hadnt thought of wall mounting small speakers as an option as well.

given the shape of the room there isnt much option to move anything around as the other wall the tv could go on has the same shape as where it is now.

thank you

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