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    Hi all,

    In extreme cak with 'er indoors

    I have just been out and bought a new 30" "Aquos" Sharp LCD to replace old Panasonic CRT.

    I need to house LCd TV, Sky+ box, JVC TH5 DVD player + Av unit for TV (so 3 shelves required below Tv shelf)

    Can't wall mount so urgently need ideas on a stand which has a back on it to hide all the wiring. (Don't particularly want wood as room is light and airy at the moment)

    Looked at some glass ones today in various shops in Kingston all to no avail.

    Items are at present sitting on old CRT cabinet and whilst even she admits the picture is stunning, we both agree the cabinet setup looks really naff !!! :thumbsdow

    All the glass CRT screen cabinets seem to have a back on them that hides the wiring, why don't the LCD ones?

    Help please ,


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