Tv stand not deep enough for new tv, would a custom cut glass top fix this?


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Had this suggested to me by a friend, but not sure how fesable it is, as i know f all about glass.

My tv stand is this one

Yes its a cheapo, but it fits the room perfectly, a glass self removed at the right is ideal for my series x, and its been great for our current setup. However its only 35cm deep. Im looking at an xh90 75" which has a 42(ish) cm deepth on the feet, so its a no no as is. The missus isnt keen on a new tv stand, so the options we have are a seperate tv pedestal stand or as was suggested to me, a sheet of glass that covers the base and goes a few inches deeper at the back.

I know you can get tough glass, but would that sound like its actually safe?. The pedestal stand is a decent ish idea, but id be concerned about the weight (32kg +12kg) not being spread across the stand and just in the centre. Also, we have a soundbar that would then look akward sat on that.

Has anyone done anything like this?.

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