TV stand height - am I missing something ?


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Hi, just looking at first decent setup for big TV with AV receiver with centre speaker under the TV. I was looking at something like this stand from IKEA :

Ikea TV STand


The height of the stand is 45cm, the height of centre speaker planning on getting is 17 cm so a combined 62cm.

I am trying to justify/get a 75 inch TV although could well end up with 65 but sticking with the 75 I have visited various sites for height to wall mount a TV, I really dislike looking up so would like to go for centre at what seems to be a generally agreed 42 inches. From various calculations this would mean bottom of TV would need to be a very approx 42cm from floor which is way lower than height of TV stand + centre speaker (62cm). I have look at hundreds of TV stands from loads of different sites and a lot seem to be around this height.

Guess what after is a white low stand that sits on floor with space either on top of each other or next to each other for AV receiver and Blueray player and couple of drawers for bits an bobs. Would like the space for the Av receiver and player to be open for max ventilation with back with hole cut out for cables. I am really struggling and though this would be quite a common thing but almost every stand I see is either too high or has enclosed shelves or no cable holes.

Given I am struggling to find something am I missing something or there is a site lurking that not found googling with just what I am after ? Didn't want to spend silly money as stumbled across some sites with £1000+ stands.

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Get a template on the wall , cardboard cutout would be best so you can move it around, but probably not achievable on that scale. So maybe a masking tape outline . Dont worry about 'various calculations', just find a position you are comfortable with. Your head tilts back slightly when sat on a sofa anyway
Was going to suggest centre could go above the TV. Mine is, but only above a 55in . May be a bit high with a 75in
Do they still do a gloss white IKEA besta? That comes in a number of different heights and widths . It's very customisable . I have one and removed the back for max ventilation


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Agree with John, and dont be afraid to customise anything from Ikea, loads of silly little accessories actually make some of the Ikea furniture really flexable.

Could you leave the doors off, and put electronics in there and have the centre in the middle shelving?

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A couple of things to consider.

TV - agree with others get that placed where you are comfortable viewing it and make everything else work around that position.

Layout - you don’t say how your room/seating is going to work, you may not require a Center channel speaker.

Connectivity - with the newest, high bitrate video features and the arrival of eARC your TV rather than AVR may be the Hub of your system rather than the AVR.



My 65'' is pretty high and I'm an old fart with an arthritic neck. Doesn't bother me. Had to put it high to accommodate a fat centre speaker. Really don't need one but missed it when I tried going without several years ago. The cabinet it all sits on is 600mm high.


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Maybe try the following...

1) Sit on your sofa
2) Close your eyes
3) Get as comfy as you can or want to be
4) Open your eyes and see where your vision falls naturally on the wall

That could possibly be where you'd like the center of your TV to be.


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Many thanks for all good advice, I seem to naturally like the TV low, trying the eye trick from above seem to confirm this, have found a couple of low TV stands (25cm) with more searching and now occurs to me the AV receiver can go on top of the stand away from the central speaker (as going approx 1.5m wide) so only need space for Blu Ray player and small virgin box on one of the shelves. Guess I will have to angle the centre speaker up a bit with some rubber type studs at the front.

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