TV Speakers with no Soundbar


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Hello everyone.
My mother in law is having a Mirror TV installed, the TV is recessed so that the Mirror will be flush with the wall but it means the sound within the recess will be awful.
The STB and all the wiring is hidden in a cupboard so we can easily add an amp but we don't have any (nice) way of using wired speakers.
After spending lots of money hiding the TV the last thing we would want to do is have a soundbar stuck to the wall, surround sound is not important and all she needs is just wireless L & R speakers in the corner of the room.
Is there a way of using wireless speakers without a soundbar that doesn't have a horrible audio lag?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Does the TV have bluetooth? If not what audio outputs does it have? If it doesn't have a decent low latency BT built in then you can get an adapter and hopefully there is sufficient room behind for it to fit. Obviously then just a case of connecting your BT speakers to the TV.

As its flush to the wall then clearly the TV isn't in the room corner and so your comment about having the speakers in the room's corners is concerning. In my experience using stereo speakers can certainly enhance a TV's audio but the speakers cannot be too far from the sides of the TV as otherwise dialog and other "center" sounds lose association with the screen.

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