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I recently got the denon 3700h and would like to set up my living room for Atmos. I need advice on speaker placement / TV placement in order to get optimal acoustics.

Here is how the room plan looks currently:

Disregard the measurements from the above pictures. I used Room Plan with an IOS device with LIDAR scanner. I took much cleaner measurements using the same method in the next image.
It is a picture zoomed into the living area with the current furniture marked.


The walls are brick with plaster on top. My fronts are Q Acoustics Concept 20s with the Concept Centre. I have the Q Acoustics 7000i as satellites and some 7000 (non i). I have 2 Atacama 72 cm stands for the Concept 20s and 4 Q Acoustics stands for the 7000i satellites (stand + speaker is about 90 cm for both concept 20 and 7000). I have enough speakers for 7.2.4. I could give up the 7.2.4 and go to 5.2.4 if there is strong case for it. However, I am gaming besides watching movies and the rear channels seem pretty useful.

The main question is should the TV be kept in the current position? Or should I move it to the bottom wall? I can place it in the middle of the bottom wall but this will leave little space for the couch (like 30 cm between the couch and the bottom wall) and I will be barely able to fit a speaker stand between the couch and the bottom wall. I could wall mount a concept 20 speaker in the bottom right to deal with this. If I decide to move the couch next to the bottom wall I need to place the concept speakers close to the wall behind them (they come with port bungs for the rear bass port). They will be about 80 cm away from a side wall.

This leads me to, should I treat the walls with a mix of absorption and diffusion panels? I assume plaster is very reflective. The ceiling is also plaster (8.5 feet 260 cm) and the floor is wood with medium pile carpet. Will the rear windows in a bottom wall TV placement create more issues acoustic issues than the current setup? There are curtains but they are not too thick and acoustic curtains are super expensive (I found one which cost 1000 euro).

A pro for bottom placement is that I can mount the side surrounds to the left and right walls and put them higher than the seats. With the current placement of the TV (left wall) I can mount one of the side surrounds to the bottom wall but the other has to be on the Q Acoustics stands which is a bit too short to give the opposite chair line of sight to the tweeter. I am having an issue when watching a movie that I cannot hear the other surround due to my partner blocking it.

It is my first surround system so there is a lot to learn and I feel like I lack experience to make the best decision. Help will be greatly appreciated.
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