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I’ll be moving into a new home in the next few weeks/month and I’m looking to get a new setup to replace my ageing one (Philips 43PUS6262 // Yamaha RX-V365 // Mordaunt Short 904i).

Due to space constraints I’m looking at dropping the AV Receiver and floor standing speakers in favour of a modern Soundbar. I don’t really know much about current audio tech or Soundbars in general so just looking to see what people would advise, depending on my TV choice I will have somewhere between £300-£500 available towards a Soundbar (this could be stretched ever so slightly if the additional cost is worth it).

When it comes to TV’s I’m torn between the Samsung “The Frame” 2021 QE55LS03AAUXXU and the LG OLED55C14LB, I believe both will meet my needs (I will be using a PlayStation 5 as the main input device to the TV for everything from gaming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky, Spotify, YouTube etc etc you get the idea). I’m open to other similar priced options within my budget (I would have stuck with Philips as I like the Ambilight feature but they seem so far behind as far as spec to price ration when compared with the competition that I can’t justify keeping the Ambilight feature).

Any and all suggestions and advice welcomed, if you need any additional info please feel free to ask, thanks for reading and I look forward to your replies

Have a great weekend,

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The frame Tvs are poor value for money and not HDR capable. They're Q70's with a "frame" around them and are in no way the equal of an LG OLED.


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The frame Tvs are poor value for money and not HDR capable. They're Q70's with a "frame" around them and are in no way the equal of an LG OLED.
I did expect the LG OLED to offer a better picture, but it’s not like I’m coming from anything special in the Philips 43PUS6262 so I would guess even the QE55LS03AAUXXU is going to feel like an “upgrade”??

Or is the difference between the QE55LS03AAUXXU and OLED55C14LB so much so that one could simply not even see the Samsung as a contender? (I was trying to avoid the big-black-box effect of a wall mounted TV which is where The Frame came in, but if it’s going to be a terrible viewing experience then I’ll suffer it and go with the LG).

Sloppy Bob

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It's nowhere near the OLED

A Samsung Q85 and above is a decent LCD alternative but the Frame TV's are exceptionally poorly specified TVs and poor value. You paying a large amount for "The frame" aesthetic.

HDR is the main game changer for 4K TV's, more so than the 4K resolution.
For an LCD TV to be good for HDR it needs to have 1000 Nits of backlight brightness and Full Array Local Dimming (FALD)
The Frame has no FALD and is nowhere near 1000 Nits.

If you're happy to pay for the aesthetics of it then that's your choice, but if you want to watch 4K discs, Netflix, Disney+ and get good picture quality then you'd be far better off with the LG OLED or a Sony 55XH9505.


Consider not over-paying for newly released 2021 models right now, and either waiting for their prices to come down (usually Black Friday or later) or opting for a 2020 model instead.
Best buys are all in the guide here:

Already some good advice above from Bob. A lot of what you buy into nowadays is HDR. You don't want to be buying a TV that hasn't the means to display HDR properly when its the future of video.

dion 6

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Good advice above go for last year's oled models and make a good saving there's not much difference to this years just the price

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