TV + Sky+ + Home Cinema setup (PS3 on its way)


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Hope someone can help me on this issue.

I've recently bought...
1) Toshiba 32" HD Ready LCD TV - 32AV636DB
2) Technika HTKSS09 5.1 Home Theatre Kit go along with my Sky+ box. The Sky+ and the Home Theatre DVD player are both connected to the TV via a SCART cable. The composite wire (I think that's what its called) - Red Yellow and White connections are connected from the Sky+ box to the DVD player also.

The issue I'm having is getting the speakers/vision to work when I'm watching SKY+ (they work fine when a DVD is playing)

If I change the TV channel to AV2 (where the DVD SCART is plugged in) then I get the sound from the speakers but no picture.

What I'm currently doing is tuning into AV2 to get the speakers on, then tuning back to AV1 (where the SKY+ is plugged) and hence the TV and surround sound speakers are both active.

To make things more complicated, Im looking to get the PS3 Slim in the next week or two.

I know its not the most hi-tech TV or Home Cinema kit but its only for the spare room but still got to make it work! Any ideas how I can overcome this issue?



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have you tried connecting the sky box to the Technika unit using scart? You would be creating a kind of daisy chain..

Sky => Technika => TV

The trouble you may have though is when you get your PS3, looking at the specs of the technika it only has 1 scart input.


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Thanks for that - I'll try the SCART from Sky+ to Tecnika to TV even if it is a short term fix until the PS3 comes along


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After doing a forum search I found this thread which has a photo of the sound system's rear panel:

As you can see on the photo, there is only one scart connector on the Technika and this will be for connecting the built-in DVD player to a TV only. In other words, it is not possible to daisy chain the Sky+ box through the sound system via scart as previously suggested.

What I recommend you do is connect the Sky+ box directly to the TV via a scart cable, and make sure the video output is set to 'RGB' (as opposed to 'PAL') in the Sky setup menu. RGB scart should give the best possible connection between a Sky+ box and TV.

To get audio from your Sky+ box to the sound system, connect a pair of phono cables from the Sky+ box's audio out to the Technika's audio in (the red & white inputs marked line 1). The yellow phono type connector on the Technika is (like the scart) an output for sending video from the built-in DVD player to your TV only - there is no reason to have this connected to your Sky+ box.

The PS3 outputs 5.1 audio over HDMI and digital optical only - 2 connections the technika doesn't seem to have. It does have a digital coaxial input though, so a simple optical to coaxial convertor can be used to give you 5.1 audio from the PS3 when it arrives:

Maplin - Buy this Optical to Coaxial Digital Audio Adapter cheap online

On a side note, at the moment you say you've also got the Technika connected to the TV via scart. I see from the photo of the rear panel that the DVD player also has a component output. Component (not be confused with 'composite'!) uses 6x phono cables - red, green & blue phonos for video + red & white phonos for audio. This may give a higher quality output to your TV than the scart, so it may be worth trying this connection if you have some spare phono cables lying around.

Summing up the connection I think you should make:

  1. Technika --SCART (or component)--> TV
  2. Sky+ --SCART--> TV
  3. Sky+ --Phonos--> Technika
  4. PS3 --HDMI--> TV
  5. PS3 --optical to coaxial convertor--> Technika

Make any sense of that? :)


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Brilliant, thanks very much!

I've got the Sky+ and Technika connected to the TV via a SCART and phono's going from the Sky+ to Technika already.

I'll try the Component cable to the TV to see if that makes any improvements.

Thanks for the link to the Optical to Coaxial converter - will get that now ready in time for the PS3 to come!

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