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Every year around this time I think about a new TV due to black Friday, and usually something else comes ahead of it, as it is working fine. This year we moved though, and the lounge is now longer and a bit narrower, rather than wide and short as before. That obviously means the TV is further away and now feels a bit on the small side. Other reasons are that it's not smart so for Netflix I have to hook up the iPad, and because of it's age the plastic border is quite wide. So I started looking around ahead of the sale to get some ideas, but I need a bit of advice in specs so that I can get to a shortlist for reading reviews etc. I saw other people make threads that followed a template of questions that I've copied, answered for 'as now' but obviously don't know what's around the corner in moving other things to HD etc.

: would like to keep under £700, but if there's some decent jump that's an extra £50 I could stretch
  • Sources: Sky Q (just the basic channels in HD), Blu-ray/DVD (90% DVD), Steam Link, Netflix via iPad (at the moment think it's SD subscription)
  • Ratio: SD 80%, HD 20%, UHD 0%
  • Content: Mostly TV Programmes, some movies & gaming
  • Distance: Now 11ft, can't re-arrange furniture if sitting closer is a suggestion
  • Viewing Angle: Directly in Front or off centre (Corner sofa, middle seat is direct, off centre seems far enough that I don't think one to suit wide angles is necessary?)
  • Conditions: Usually a lamp on, only get to sit in the dark by myself
  • Currently Using: Samsung LE40C530

One thing that I've seen in people with similar situations threads is that because at the moment I don't view much in HD that the mostly 4k TVs on sale will cause a poorer picture quality than finding an old non-4k as upgrade, if I've understood other posts correctly. The next thing is size, I followed the chart for distance and it seems the line between SD and HD at the distance I'm sitting recommends 50-55", I think 50 would be fine but I may be pushing it to get approval on a 55. So I'd be interested in views on difference the extra 5" makes (err asking that one for a mate o_O). As for features I mentioned Netflix so it would make life easier to have that included, haven't seen any other features as must have's so the rest is about the best picture and value for money etc.

That's it for now, happy to do the legwork and read reviews to come back with a shortlist but grateful for individual recommendations as well.

Thanks a lot


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Netflix are very active about supporting new platforms with their App, so there's very little it doesn't work on.

With those sorts of requirements it's just a case of buying what you like. A Hisense N6800 in 50" or Sony XE70 in 55" are usually good bets.


Do you need built in steam link functionality? if so you are limited to Samsung.

Samsungs options at 49" are poor at lower ranges unless you get one of the curved MU series TVs.

Can you afford the Samsung 49MU7000?

But yeah, if you don't need built in steam link definitely the Hisense N6800 is your best bet at 50".


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Thanks for the replies, I did some brief looking earlier and Sony XE7002/73 did look a good choice. Will look into the Hisense, had only covered Sony/Samsung/Panasonic in the time I had. Don't recall the Samsung so probably out of budget but will see how close it is.

Hadn't seen steam link built in mentioned anywhere before now. Will look into it but wasnt a necessity as I have a box, so I won't let it dictate choice.

Will read further and report back.
Thanks again

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