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TV Server / AV Server / TV over IP



Does anyone have any experience of this? I am looking at installation a TV over IP network in the home, to enable distributed TV over the wireless and LAN connection.

So far I have only seen commercial applications and hardware - like isocket. I would be interestedt o hear of anyones opinion of this technology, where to get kit from at good discounts etc etc... :hiya:


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isocket looks like a good solution for me, I've requested a quote.


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Do it through a xbox 360 with media center, very easy I can run cables and set up media center for ya , and supply 360 its not cheap though


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The new Bliss AV website blissav is now up and we had the M version working at the Smart Home Show this year.

Great product and using web based GUI's means any internet capable device can drive it!



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It doesn't look like that system has live tv capabilty or have I missed something?


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It can encode and stream live 'off air' channels and stuff from Freeview with no problem at all.

The difficulty is hacking the Sky signals and the actual poor quality of sky is bad, especially when up scaling.

Drop Phil a line at Bliss AV, he can give you more details if you want it. Their system is live and running in four houses / developments at the moment and we did a soft launch / trial of the M system at Smart Home Show.

Should be doing a full blown launch at CEDIA in June and then to the retail at Smart Home Show in London in September.


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Thanks Vex, I'll drop him a line but I suspect that the blissav system is far more complete a system than I need to fit in with my existing pc based system for music and dvd.

Relaying live tv from sky+ and soon a second box is my real need. This needs to be distributed to the pj in the main room, and 3 lcd's on other rooms. Svideo connecters are my minimum video quality requrement.

I've done a bit of research and found an online price for the isocket http://www.rm.com/FE/Products/Product.asp?cref=PD298086&SrcURL=/FE/Default.asp....£1120 + vat for the encoder, £360+ for the player if you need it, although a network ip player or pc with videolan will likely do the job. seems a bit dear to me when most mid price tv tuner cards have an mpeg2 encoder on board at ~£50.

Found http://www.onevideo.co.uk/avn200-p-396.html which looks like a similar thing to the isocket (although not quite as neat lookking) at a more respectable £677+ vat

This http://www.digidave.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=105&osCsid=b16eff35c5e7016234be2fa973482bf2
looks like a cheap possibility but composite video only. It also doesn't mention an encoder so what the PQ will be like? Only £90 + delivery though.
hi there,

i'm just a little curious as to why you need signals converting to IP?

you can distribute pretty much all forms of video signal around a property using cat5 cable as the medium.

and pricing would probably work out at the same costs.

and for the record, i certainly wouldnt want to distribute video over a wireless connection - especially with the extra (albeit not much) ip header/footer information.



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The advantage of ip is that it can be used on an existing data network and allows a multicast senario without needing multiple boxes and matrix switches.


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Also, in the case of the BlissAV system, they can up scale at the receive end to match the native resolution of your screen. Producing amazung image quality.


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Looks interesting, any ideas of cost?

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