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Hi, i just bought a Samsung 4K UHD, model 43RU7172.This is the tv, the page is in romanian, here are the specs : Televizor LED Smart Ultra HD 4K, HDR, 108 cm, SAMSUNG 43RU7172 . I tried to calibrate the image for it for watching movies, bluray, from my pc, but i didn t get to the result i wanted. I ve used the following settings for calibration : from here Samsung NU7100 NU7400 NUxxxx UHD TV series picture settings and tips and from here Samsung RU7100 Calibration Settings . My pc to tv connection is hdmi hdmi, the tv doesn't recognize the hdmi as pc, and if i don't use the input signal plus my pc to tv picture is croped, and i can't use the fit to screen option.I only have two options on picture here, standard and dynamic. The ps4 works with no problem, i just can't get to set up the image setup from my pc.Thanks in advance.


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I'm not sure if it's still the case but it used to be on Samsung TVs that you had to rename the input to PC to stop the overscanning and other strange behaviour.


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Looking at the Rtings review, the problem seem to be PC mode.
"In PC mode, some settings are disabled, including many picture settings, and there are only two Picture Modes: 'Standard,' and 'Dynamic.' "

Try connecting as a normal device and then play with the video mode settings on your PC. Look for something like YCbCr444 or RGB output to have full color resolution.
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