Tv saga and "Residual value" warranty claim

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      After enjoying the heck out of a Philips edge lit LCD for around 5 years, it decided to take a long nap. No image or sound, just a power LED that flashed red twice every ten seconds. Typical, I thought, that it was just outside of the John Lewis 5 year warranty period. But I wasn't able to find the receipt to check!

      Optimistically I called up to see if I had any options, fully expecting "sorry sir, there's nothing we can do without your receipt".

      Instead what I got was "No problem, your TV is 4 years and 9 months old, it will be picked up tomorrow for repair". What a result! It was explained that as long as it was economically viable to repair it, thats what they would do, but as it was out of production parts may be unavailable or expensive so it would depend on what their 3rd party repairer concluded.

      3rd party repair company, however, did not live up to now heightened expectations. They took several weeks to diagnose and repair. Not too bad, but hardly setting the world on fire. The problem was, the tv came back with exactly the same fault!

      Back on to John Lewis who, to their credit, apologised and arranged another repair. They booked the same 3rd party - the thinking behind that was that they would rule out the part they replaced and try the next most likely cause.

      Again, several weeks pass and no feedback from 3rd party. After chasing with them, it was declared to be fixed again, and would be delivered by the end of the week. End of the week comes and goes. Another chase and sure enough, it was declared to be fixed and would be delivered by the end of the week. I've heard this story before and guess what? End of the week comes and goes.

      3rd time chasing and through John Lewis this time. Sure enough, TV was delivered the next day! Only problem is that it arrived with the same fault, without the remote, and with some bad scuffs around the frame where it had obviously been set down on a hard surface. Patience worn prettttty thin by this point.

      John Lewis, once again, comes good. This time offering a residual value refund for the TV as credit to put towards a replacement. Given the TV originally cost £1099 nearly five years ago, and specifications have moved on massively, I was expecting an offer somewhere in the region of £3-500 - so was pleased with an offer of £799.

      With last years LG OLED B7 going for £1299, it was a no-brainer to pay £500 to swap a near 5 year old edge lit 1080p LCD for a brand new 4K OLED with new five year warranty in the same screen size.

      But while waiting for delivery, it started to niggle that I wasn't getting the full value of the original purchase back for a faulty item, so I got back in touch with JL. To my surprise, they immediately offered a further £300 refund. The cherry on the cake was when they also agreed to price match a Richer Sounds flash sale, refunding a further £125, meaning this upgrade has cost a grant total of £74. Well, until I upgrade to 4K sources, and amp and........

      So I've been impressed with JL customer service, even responding well to negotiation over refund amount and stepping up to the plate when the 3rd party repairer badly let them down. It's not often I'm able to offer a positive story about a retailer, so credit where it's due.

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