TV repairs :-(



My tv has just gone in for repair due to a purity problem in the top right hand corner.

The tv repair company say there is nothing wrong with the tv and it must be the magnetism in the house. I have been through a fair number of tvs, all in the same position within the lounge and none have suffered in this way. I have moved the tv around the room but again the fault remains.

The company has suggested replacing the tube!! The tv is only about 2 months old.

What are my rights? To repair at tv costing over £1000 in the first months of its life is crazy! TV is a Sony kv32FQ70

Thanks in advance



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i think you should demand a new unit from your reseller, but i don't know how you'd do that seeing as it's been handed to a repair company now... sounds odd.


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I can't quite follow their logic. If they think it is caused by magnetism in the house, then replacing the tube won't make any difference.

Remember that if you do move the set, even a small amount, you should switch it off for at least 10 minutes so that it fully degausses when you switch it back on. Also, have they tried manually degaussing the set in the position in which you use it?


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I had a problem with my sharp tv. It had a colour purity problem that would happen if brightness or contrast was too high. Youl would get a yellowy distortion on the right and a much weaker blue distortion on the left. The settings only had to be just over half way and the screen no more than normal brightness and it would occure especially obvious on b/w material. Only by putting up with a darkish image could you avoid it. So contact the retailer and a repair agent comes out etc and says problem with the tube etc. Anyway I'll cut out a bit of the middle and say eventually it went back to Sharp uk and came back exactly the same. I'd already been financially compensated so I thought I'd live with it.

Eventually I found out that by entering the service menu I could turn down the red, green and blue gain. This cured the problem with no effect on colour balance at all. If anything the colour balance became more realistic. It was then obvious it had been set too high at the factory. I'd managed by a bit of web trawling and guess work to cure my problem when even Sharp uk failed.

Its obvious a lot of repair people out there even at the very top of the chain are at best poorly trained.


Well my tv is still in being 'repaired'. I think it will be returned and I will be told that there was nothing wrong with it. However, the engineer that collected the tv also agreed that it was faulty.

I have had a number of tvs from the company already which have been swapped due to numerous problems.

The question is....if the tv is returned and still shows the same problem what are my rights? The tv is only 3 months old and therefore within the manufacturers warranty.

Thanks in advance

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