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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by badgerpie, Feb 5, 2003.

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    Just wondering if anyone more technologically minded could help me here.

    I bought a new TV about 6 months ago (A 28 inch flat screen by Philips). On Sunday I had been playing some games for about 40 mins. Then went for a shower. After the shower switched it back on. A redish screen was all I saw, the sound was fine and it looked like it was trying to display the screen in a concave shape but again all in red.

    "Great" I thought "My TV's buggered"

    I switched it off, left it for five minutes and tried again. Red screen.

    I switched it off again,left it for ten minutes and it probably managed about 4 mins on normal display before going all red again.

    So I went off to the pub for the afternoon assuming the tube in my TV had gone.

    Interestingly enough though, that night I thought i'd give it another try and it worked fine throughout two episodes of friends and the whole of 'the sixth sense'

    I went to bed a bit puzzled. In the morning the red screen appeared again. SO i went off to work a bit confused.

    But since then everytime i've tried it it's worked fine. (I've watched it for a couple of hours each night with no problem).

    It's still under guarantee so I can get it fixed, but house of Fraser (where I bought it from) said that whilst they normally would provide a replacement all their replacement units are currently out so I'd have no tele for however long it took to fix. So for now I might think about keeping it until the problem gets worse

    So what i'm asking anyones opinion is :

    a) From my very vague description does my theory about a faulty tube sound logical

    b) Can anyone suggest a reason why sometimes it behaves itself for long periods of time?

    c) Is it likely to get worse (i suspect the answer is yes)
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    Sounds very much like the tube or possibly a dry joint somewhere in the tube drive electronics. Tubes faults are often intermittent as they can be dependent on temperature among other things. This can make internal shorts come and go. Engineers will often take the back off the set and gently tap the neck of the tube to prove or disprove a tube problem. Philips tubes are particularly bad for this type of fault. If you do a search on here you will find references to this in Philips and other brands of TV.
  3. mark pearce

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    Hi badgerpie,

    Hard luck! But at least yours is still under Philips’ original 12-month warranty. Mine isn’t!

    Mine a 28 PW9616/05R with Philips tube (100Hz Real Flat, Dolby digital), and at 20 months old, acquired similar (but not exactly same) fault that you describe.

    Endeva (apparently the only *authorised* service/repair agents for Philips) diagnosed tube fault requiring new tube. Diagnosing engineer also said they’d had “a lot” of same/similar sets with similar faults requiring a new tube to fix. So strongly suggest that you get it permanently sorted while still WITHIN Philips warranty.

    I had taken an extended tube warranty out on mine (1 + 5 further years) (Domestic & General), but you wouldn’t believe:

    1) how extremely UNHELPFUL Philips have proved (so far) with a major breakdown on a fairly young set (even though I took out “their” extended tube cover as per paperwork provided in the box

    2) how there is a *TOTAL* lack of communication between Philips, Endeva (Philips authorised service/repair agency) and Domestic & General (who supposedly!! administer the extended warranty on behalf of Philips.

    So far, I’ve racked up about 3-4 man/days (yes, really!) on letters, faxes and a whole bunch extremely frustrating stone-walling or buck-passing phone calls.

    I realise this doesn’t necessarily help with diagnosis on your set, but it does look as though yours might be part of a “common problem”. (as GaryB suggests)

    Hope this not too demoralising, and can gladly go into more detail on my long, harrowing experience if any interest/help. Email me if you’d like me to elaborate, although I warn you, it’s a long, harrowing tale!! You have been warned!

    Just out of interest what model/type number is yours, 100Hz or 50Hz, Pixelplus or not, and any extended warranty cover? Hope you don’t mind me asking!


    Mark Pearce (N.E. Hampshire U.K.)

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