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Fiesta Red

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Can anyone help an old man please?

A couple of years ago I bought my first LG 'Smart' TV, this is coupled to an ageing Panasonic HDD recorder that also has a DVD player. Recently, the recorder has been taking over the TV in that as soon as it starts recording, it won't let me switch back to the TV programme I want to watch. Rather than try to sort it all out, I think it's time to buy a new recorder if there is still such a thing available.

I'd like to go with something from LG if I can, can anyone please help or advise?


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The main options today are Humax; Manhatten and Panasonic?



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@Fiesta Red No probs; Most discussion of these PVRs is here;



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I see something that might be similar. If I’m watching a recording on my Panasonic box AND it’s recording, any attempt to switch HDMI inputs with the LG remote causes the Panasonic to trap the LG instruction and prompts me to stop the current recording. The trick is power off the PVR first, using its remote, and once the screen is blank use the LG remote to select another source.

If that’s not the case, then it might be something to do with the machine’s VieraLink setting. For a new PVR, choices are limited. I’ve been pretty happy with my Manhattan T3-R.

David Briggs

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I would have a look at the HDMI-CEC or SIMPLINK settings. This is where the input switching comes from. You may be able to run the input connector and configure the TV for your Panasonic. That's if you didn't do all that already!

Hope that helps. If not, Happy Christmas!

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