TV Recommendation with USB stick record capability?


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Looking to get a smallish TV for someone who will be stuck in a room in a nursing home for a few weeks during the world cup.

Basic requirement is a TV around say 24"-28" LED/LCD with standard Freeview. 1080p and Freeview HD would be nice but not essential.

I am wondering about a TV with USB record capability for very basic and occasional PVR capability but recording 2-3 hours at a time , with a large capacity USB stick but struggling to work out what is available that could provide this - does anyone have any suggestions for TVs that can do this and if so recommendations for a known memory stick combo that definitely works well with the TV?

I have read about 4GB recording limitations, non-HD recording only limitations etc so any insights on the practicalities of this would also be appreciated.

I don't want to go the external USB hard drive route or separate recorder/tuner to keep the hardware/cabling as simple as possible.



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First thing(s) to check are:

1) does said home/room have a working aerial point? Will it receive all the TV channels you want?
2) will the home permit such a device to be brought in and used (will it require safety testing first?, will they charge extra for electricity consumed)
3) will room occupant need a TV Licence? TV Licensing - Check

Once you have answers to that and then still wish to go ahead do your research.

Most TVs of reputable make will use a proprietary recording file system and 'encrypt' HD material in particular so it can only be played on the TV it was recorded on. Thus, file size limits are not important.

The fact that you can only record one channel at a time usually, i.e. what you are watching (or with the TV in standby), may be a severe limitation though?

I know my large Panasonic TV that can record has a minimum size requirement that can't easily be met via a USB stick (my brain says 160GB but ??) ... so a small USB-powered hard drive is the normal thing to use.


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Thanks for comments - your initial points to check are very valid but not an issue here.

File size could be important if FAT32 is used as it has a 4GB file size limit so there have to be either multiple files or a maximum single recording duration (probably more a concern for HD recordings if available).

I particularly wanted to find out if USB stick recordings were viable on any specific current model, its just to time shift a few football matches really so being able to replay on another device is not an issue.

I really don't want to have an external HD drive or any external hardware ideally. For example SD card video recording would probably be just as good as USB were that available.

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