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Hi All,

I have just received £345 as a 30 year long service payment from work....woo....ooh
so i am looking to spend it on a new tv for the kitchen, i am willing to add a little to the amount to get the right one.

I am looking at a 37" or a 32" would do, I would like to wall mount it and it will be watched mainly in the day time in a very light kitchen so i was thinking LED. I would also like a HD freeview tuner so that i dont have to have a sky or freeview box as an add on. This is a minimum requirement.

My Mrs spends a lot of time on facebook as she runs her business from there so i thought smart tv might be a good extra to have but how good are they and are they worth the extra money, then you need the dongle or do you spend the extra and get the wifi built in

So out we go looking for tvs and the price has crept up from the already mentioned £345 to around £550 but for a little more i can get a 3D tv, all of a sudden i am spending almost twice my original budget. So which way would you go and any preference on make and model

Regards Alan


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Will you ever watch 3D? If not, no point paying more as you'll need glasses too, plus something to play the 3D blu-rays on, or you'll need a Sky subscription

This 2011 is well regarded for 2D, less so for 3D and is under £450 SONY KDL32EX723 - Sony Trade-In Offer - Electrical Experience (the 2012 model is £580)

Sony Bravia EX723 (KDL-32EX723) 3D LED LCD TV Review | - UK Online

Or a 2012 2D Panasonic - 32" / 37" /

Other retailers may be cheaper, better etc


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I absolutely love Smart TVs and they are totally worth the extra money. The social network works great and the unlimited apps keep it entertaining. I have a LG Cinema 3d Smart TV and would love to recommend it but trying out other TV brands would also be good.

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