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I need a new tv for my room to play my consoles on ,I don't have much choice in what tv I get as my parents are buying ,it's between a 15" sony or a 21" samsung.Obvioulsy I want the bigger one but need some info on it.

This is the one

I can't seem to find much info on it other than the connections it takes.

It has a scart socket on which I need ,but is it a fully wired rgb scart or not?.Second thing is does it support ntsc or at least 60hz playback.Only info I can find is on comets site which says ntsc :no.

Now does that mean it won't play ntsc at all or it don't supprt ntsc ,but supports 60hz ,so ntsc games will play in colour as long as they go through the scart on the back.This is how it is with my current tv.

Also what is the true model number ,there it says cz21a083n ,which it is also listedd as in the cataloge I would order from ,yet on samsungs site it's CW-21A83NS and on comets site it's CZ21A083NXXEU.So whcih or are they different versions?

Secondly at the moment I have a dreamcast ,xbox ,ps2 ,gamecube and video all hooked up through a rgb scart.So I have to keep unplugging all the time to switch systems ,this casues the socket to break and have to be resoldered inside alot.It's an old tv so it don't matter ,but on a new one I don't want this to happen.So is there a decent scart selection box I can get for not to much.I had one before ,but it never isolate the consoles from each other so they interfered unless they had been unplugged from the mains and it made the ntsc games black and white ,so I assume all the pins were not hooked up.

Thanks for help

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