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Tv/projector splitter - confused!!!


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Right im getting myself into a right mess trying to figure this out!

Atm my setup is fairly simple, ive got an sony sf1300 as an amp. My media pc and xbox connect to this then to my tv. Sky HD is connected directly to tv.

But ive decided to now buy a projector. Gone for Benq w1070 which is 3d. From what i can tell my sf1300 wont accept a 3d signal. I dont really want to if possible have to get a new amp so trying to figure away to keep the amp but still be able to get my media center/xbox/sky to work on both the tv and projector.

I was thinking first splitting the hdmi from the media center using a neet 2 way splitter HERE. This would allow me to split the output, 1 for audio and 1 for a 3d signal yes?

I would then connect the video 3d hdmi cable to another splitter, say a 4 imput/2 output......somthing like this HERE

Am i over-complicating things as i cant see any other way...will the above even work?

Joe Fernand

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‘This would allow me to split the output, 1 for audio and 1 for a 3D signal yes?’ – unfortunately that’s not how HDMI works.

HDMI carries audio in data islands between the frames of your video signal and the Sink (TV, Projector AVR) doing the audio decoding goes looking for those data packets to decode.

The problem with 3D is that the HD audio is shifted to a new place in the data stream and your non-3D AVR doesn’t know where to look.

Splitting the signal simply gives you two mirrored signals unless you go with a 1x2 which can insert dummy 2D video data into one of the outputs – they are available but cost around £350.

Possibly you can add a second HDMI Out to the HTPC and work out how to configure it for 2D + HD audio whilst the primary card is running 3D?



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Ok so decided to scrap the old av system as just to much of a pain to get it to work.

Gone with an LG BH7420P blu ray system. Unfortunately this only comes with 2 inputs.

I have the following items i want to be able to view both on my plasma (non 3d) and new 3d projector.

Media Center (XBMC)

Here comes my next little dilemma lol. How do i connect both the bluray and Sky so they can be both used on the projector and plasma?


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Joe Fernand

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'So I would need 2 of these? 1 for the blu ray and 1 to split the sky? ' - just spotted the system you purchased only has x2 HDMI Inputs :suicide:

Seems daft to not purchase a New system which better met your requirements!



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Yer i did look for a bluray system with 3 hdmi inputs (like my current sony sf1300) but couldnt really find anything.

Didnt want to get a bluray player then another amp. Im sure there is a better way but im no pro on this stuff
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