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I've opened up myself a rabbit hole and now got lost!

The setup : (I have yet to connect it all up or buy everything)

out : Output to either a LG OLED TV 55B7V or Epson Projector TW9100 (both in the same room)
devices : Sky Q / Blue Ray / Apple TV / xbox
amp : Denon AVC-X4700H
cabling : cat6 , terminates in room with devices and amp
speakers : 5.1 ceiling

I have no line of sight to the devices and amp as they are in another room.

I have a few of questions
1 - What HDMI extenders do I need . This seems to be complicated by the fact that TV can support upto 4k and the projector is only HD.
The output to the TV is either HD or 4K, from Sky, Netflix etc depending on the content.
2 - We have Sonos around the house and I have a set of speakers in the kitchen and the original Sonos Connect (not amp). Ideally I would like to connect this to the same amp (but not a deal breaker)
3 - We don't always want to play audio through the ceiling speakers. Sometimes just use the TV as normal.
4 - Not sure how all the remotes are going to work or how the xbox controller will connect.

Thanks in advance.

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