TV, Projector and Surround Sound - so confused about what to buy!


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Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

I'm moving into a new house on Friday finally with room for some decent AV kit. Currently I have a very dependable Sony CRT TV which I intend to move into the bedroom.

I'm looking to buy a Plasma HDTV for everyday viewing and some gaming (xbox 360 at the moment, but Wii and PS3 in the next year or so) and also a projector for HD-DVD, DVD and gaming. I also want an all-in-one surround sound solution (and will need one for the PJ) which will work with the TV and projector.

I think I have decided on the Optima HD70 PJ and am torn between the Panasonic TH-42PX60 and Hitachi 42PD9700 plasmas. I may go to 37" but the price difference doesnt seem great enough to bother.

I have no idea which sound solution is best for my needs (decent, but not audiophile sound).

I need to know

a) are my choices any good?

b) will I be able to switch between the projector/plasma easily (ie can I just flick a switch and change from the plasma to PJ when playing xbox? I know it wont be that simple but would I have to unplug everything?)

c) Same question for DVDs - I plan on getting the xbox 360 HD-DVD soon too.

d) What sound solution will let me use it for both the TV and PJ with minimal fuss? Ideally I was hoping to get this for sub £300 as I'll end up upgrading to THX when funds allow.

I think I'm confusing myself but I dont want to get the kit and find out that I need some kind of switching box I hadn't budgeted for!

Many thanks in advance

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