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Hi all. Had my psp just over a week (uk 2.0) - very pleased indeed -screen amazing - just got ridge racer - "backed up" one of my dvd's using dvd decrypter and pspvideo9. Cant believe I'm watching Wallace and Gromit on the train ( and could potentially sell tickets to others around me!! )

My question is - been saving some tv progs ( from a freecom usb digital tuner - dvb-t ) I think it saves in mpeg2 format. So I then transcode using pspvideo9. But the problem seems to be that the sound gets out of sync by a second or two. I havent tried all the various settings yet - and only saved a couple of tv progs - but both seem to have suffered from slight out of sync sound. To be honest I think it's still watchable = but would be greatful if anyone has any advice/comments?! Thanks.
try another decoder, the3G convertor is good.
I had this problem before i got MYTVTOGO which i use for my MCE system and to be honest it was a bit hit and miss.
Try and find out exactly what format it stores in, if you can get to store in DIVX/AVI it will be easier


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Thanks for the reply spacecat. I think the digital tuner card i'm using only gives the option to save in mpeg2 format ( not at home - will check later) I'm using pspvideo9 cos I saw it suggested on another board - and it's free!! Am I right that 3gp isnt free? ( or at least, the trial version will only transcode a few minutes ?? ) I've heard of mytvtogo - and there's also Nero (?) - in fact there seem to be loads out there!! Are there any other freeware ones like pspvideo9?? ( I dont mind paying a reasonable amount if there's a commercial product that's really good etc - but it makes sense to check the free ones first!! )
Another question re pspvideo9 - I noticed options to transcode into "AVC" formats - I understand thats Sonys own version of mp4 (sort of?!) Anyone got this to work? ( I tried on one file and it just said transcode failed! ( Using version 1.71 of pspvideo9)


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Try running the program through pocketdivx with the audio and video set to direct. Then run the resulting avi through pspvideo9. The pocketdivx part doesn't take long (about 10 mins for a 2hour movie)

I found the answer in the pspvideo9 forums and it sorted the incredibles, matrix and die another day for me.

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