TV Philips 50PUS8535/12 does not keep the screen saver settings


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Hello to everyone from Milan, Italy.

I have a problem with a TV Philips 50PUS8535/12
I started using the screensaver options and settings and it works but only while TV is working or in stand-by. Once I unplug the TV it completely forgets that I have set it to start the screensaver after 5 minutes. When I check the options again, they are set back to “Never”. Does anyone know what could be causing this or is anyone else having this problem? Philips says that is normal because the screensaver option is managing by Google and not by the TV itself (eprom or firmware).

Google denies this charge.

I insisted again with Philips assistance and the response was that: "Our internal department has confirmed to us that everything is within the specifications of the TV and we cannot take any further action regarding the report, we confirm that the behavior of the TV settings will remain therefore unchanged ".

in other words it seems they have no intention of working on a firmware update.

I was wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem and if there is a solution. Thank you!


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I have exactly the same problem on 70PUS8545/12. Can it be that the setting is not saved properly? This could be either a Google or Philips problem. Based on your experience it seems best to give the next push on Google again. I will see if I can make a bug on this issue.


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I gave Google more than a push and they also dismissed me in a rather snooty and arrogant way by someone called GothamNY.
You can read here .... scroll down the thread completely otherwise you will only see some of the answers

to the point that having no credible answers, the question has been locked and replying has been disabled.

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