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im just wondering if there's any site some of you with more expertise with TV technology can link me to...
that documents the types of panels specific to each TV model in the market today.

i'm looking for something like they actually provide hardcore detail for monitor (computer) panels, like panel manufacturer + panel tech used in the monitor.

with the recent new [iPhone 4] being boasted to have "LED plus IPS tech" for it's puny screen, and also i came across selling a "LG 55inch 1080p HDTV" with specs being rated as "SUPER-IPS" for that LG TV...

really? S-IPS? for a LCD Tv?

where can i find out about other tvs that i wanna buy? watabout Pannys, samsungs? does the tv tech affect the panel type? (ie. plasma+ips?? led+tft?? wth im confused)
hundreds of "Editor Choice" LED Tvs on the market today have the "Only major flaw" of horrible viewing angles, which means it's not IPS panel...which means im not buying any "editor's choice" LED tv today.

thanks all that understand what im trying to ask, and helping me out!
rep to all that reply!:clap:
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ok cool so like

this Panny is IPS .. TX-L42D25B ... but edgelit.

Panasonic TX-L42D25B

what other ones to add


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This website flatpanelshd sometimes states the type of panel used. For example the Samsung C6000 uses an S-PVA panel.

Also Google the TV model number with panel type and usually you'll find your answer.
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thanks for the reply..

i hate PVA though..the black levels get crushed with the slightest off-angle seating.

well i just googled more for IPS LCD TVs and apparently only the superior tv makers have it for select high-end-grade sets? :(

oh then i also found this! 55'' LED Local Dimming IPS TV for $1500 usd [cnet video later model]
2009 Vizio XVT Series: 240Hz, USB input, LED backlight [NO PRICE TALK] - AVS Forum

im gonna move there to continue researching, doesnt seem the community here can help my question :(
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