Question TV not playing any newly added media files on external HD, only old ones.


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Hi all,

Not entirely sure if this post belongs in this forum or an external hard drive related forum, but I hope someone can at least point me in the right direction.

I've had a Samsung UA55KU6000W CJ04 TV for around 3 years now. I use it all the time to watch media files from my external hard drive. However, since around 3 weeks ago my TV will not play any new files I put on the hard drive. It will recognise that the files are there, but claim they are not supported. It will still play all files that were already on the hard drive beforehand without any issues.
I have copied these "unsupported" files (usually .mkv files) to a different external hard drive and connected to the TV to test, and they work fine.
This leads me to believe that it is possibly a hard drive issue, in which case I apologise for being in the wrong forum, but when connecting the "faulty" hard drive to a PC, I can play the "unsupported" media files directly from it without any issues. It's only on the TV that they don't work.

The external hard drive I am using is a 4TB Seagate SRD0VN3. It is formatted as ExFAT.

If anyone could provide any assistance, I'd really appreciate it!


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