TV Not passing volume command through to amp ? GT30


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Hi Guys,
I hope you can shed some light on this.

I had my Sony LCD going through my Denon 1910 amp, via HDMI, then 1 HDMI out to tv... When I used my Sky remote (set to sony) when the amp was on, the tv would pass the volume command through to the Amp. I've just upgraded (in a huge way !) to a panny gt30, but the pass-through doesn't seem to be happening anymore.

I cant see owt in the menu's that would suggest turning this ability on, could somebody help me with this ?

Cheers ;)


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You're saying the old TV provided variable-level audio over HDMI :confused: This is not my area at all but I assumed all HDMI output was fixed. You sure the Sky remote wasn't controlling the Denon volume (I assume you are and that the TV OSD gave indication that it volume being adjusting) ?


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Panasonic's volume control is generally flaky at the best of times. If you are using the ARC HDMI channel to send the audio back to the Denon, it should also send the volume command - as your Sony did. The manual mentions this, but I don't think there is any adjustment or settings to make. You can try playing with the Viera Link settings, as these can upset some amps, but if you have no other Panasonic equipment, it shuold be inactive anyway.

My work around with my Harman amp and GT20 is to use a "One for All" remote with the volume keys re-programmed for the amp. This works fine, but is a kludge that should be avoidable.

If anyone has got this to work, I would be interested to know how!


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I know it's a totally different setup but in my new Sammy D6750 I had to scan for other CEC devices for it to find my Onkyo amp. Only then would it send the volume signal. Also I assume you've set the TV to external speaker mode? Finally my TV only outputs ARC over HDMI2 do check this on your Panny.


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Thanks guys,
Flimber: Yes the Sky remote (and TV remote) were controlling the denon's volume over HDMI, just as if I was using the Denon remote.

noiseboy72: Tried changing viera link on/off to no avail... :/ Have a multi remote, but it's crap... may need to invest in a proper touchy remote ;)

SteveU30: There doesn't seem to be an option to scan for hdmi devices, tried that.. but as i write this, noticed that I had only been looking in the pigging setup menu for the TV (Picture/Sound etc..) and not tried pressing the dedicated viera link button that gave me access to the obvious option to switch from TV to Home cinema volume control. Problem solved.. what a dingbat ;D

But without going through things and ruling them out etc I prob would never had found it.. Many thanks to you guys for your assistance ;) Happy Christmas one and all :D

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