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Hi All

Is anyone aware of a TV mount that can be fitted to an existing Cabinet ie screwed to rear top shelf, middle shelf and base?

I have a freestanding wooden cabinet and just bought a centre speaker which is too big to sit in front of the TV. The only solution is to therefore raise the height of the TV so the centre can fit beneath. Unfortunately the TV is in bay window so cant be wall mounted.

I'm thinking something along the lines of the below but can't find anything!

Many thanks for any guidance anyone has



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I have the same issue with a centre speaker. The one I have has enough space for a centre speaker with my 47 inch Panny. A larger one would need the height adjustable one above,

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Or you could use something like this too, dont atrach the shelf in the middle, slide the bottom part under your current tv unit, no screws needed



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Thanks for all the replies - hadn't thought about using wood for the uprights as didn't think it would be strong enough

However, 1 single 100mm wide piece of hardwood should work and match the cabinet - plus the cables can be hidden behind.

Will give this a try with a flat wall mount.

Thanks Again

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