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I bought this gadget on ebay to show caller ID on tv screen.

The connection cable is scart from VCR to TV with a phono connector tapped into each scart to to provide AV in and AV out to the caller id unit.

Could I possibly take an AV out from elsewhere and connect to AV in phono on TV? Or is it much more technical?

Some info here TV messenger caller ID display


I have a Samsung TV with Freeview, DVD player and Wii connected at present.

Any help appreciated.



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Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve. However

- the video signal produced by a SCART socket on a VCR is just a normal composite video signal. A SCART (as used on a VCR) is simply a multi-core cable and multi-point plug/socket which carries several otherwise normal signals; signals which can equally be carried using separate cables and sockets (eg for audio left, right, and video).
- I guess from the diagram that your new gadget takes the composite video signal and overlays it with its own data (the callerID number or whatever)
- therefore it follows that the input side of the gadget can be fed a composite video signal from anywhere; it wouldn't matter a jot.
- and likewise, the output from the gadget is also going to be composite video, which can be fed into a TV using a SCART or Video (RCA phono) socket.

So, yes, you could set it up to work with other sources. However, in order for your gadget to work, I guess it has to interrupt the signal from ALL incoming sources and overlay it with your phone call details. Therefore ALL your sources will have to be routed via your gadget. You will have to run it all using the aforementioned composite video. This is fine for VHS use, but digital sources typically are able to use better types of signal - RGB and/or HDMI for example. For such devices, using composite video will have a degrading effect on your image.


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Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve.

I think that makes two of us:rolleyes::D

Thank you for a very clear reply. It seems I won't be able to do what I think I wanted to do ie use this device whilst watching TV normally using the built in freeview receiver (and also when using DVD and Wii).

From what you explained it looks like the internal freeview rx is feeding the TV with a better source than composite video and my device uses cv so seems I'm snookered:(.

Thanks for your reply.


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Indeed. I really don't know how you could possibly get any external gadget to have any effect on the picture produced by the TV's internal tuner. The only thing it might have done (and I'll explain below why I still don't think it will) would be to change the TV's input, away from its tuner and to that SCART input so as to display the phone data.

Why not? SCART auto-switching is done with a voltage applied to one of the many pins in the SCART plug. And, again, based on the diagram, the only part of the SCART wiring that passes via the gadget is the composite video signal; therefore I conclude it cannot possibly apply the voltage to the relevant SCART pin for auto-switching.

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