Tv media wall - sound panels behind tv ?


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Just finished having my tv media wall built and must admitt over the moon how it turned out ! was a long time in the planning / gathering tradesmen !
one thing I am not sure about is since the tv ( LG oled 65” ) is set in the wall I am guessing most of the sound will be going into the empty space behind the build as opposed to firing out into the Livingroom where it should ? ( tv sits in a few inch wide recess as can be seen in picture with open space after this ie framing and outside house wall brick / plasterboard ) Don’t really want to go down the surround sound / sound bar route especially since the tv has built in Dolby atmos ? Sound is good as it is but just wonder if anything to be gained by lining this internal brick wall of the build with sound acoustic foam panels ? Would this prevent the sound escaping and help with getting the sound where it should be going ?

thanks guys. John


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Really don’t think it would make any difference. Something thicker and denser like rock wool might absorb the sound bouncing around. Where are the speakers on the TV. I see it’s marketed as Dolby Atmos? Does it fire sound out of the top of the TV or something similar?


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Okay thanks so much for your reply, yep had another look at where it appears the speaker vents are and it appears they are along the sides.

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